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Christmas 2018 – live a little!

THE lead up to Christmas Day often results in a frantic last minute dash to the supermarket and butcher and a hot day slaving in the kitchen.   If you are the host for the family celebration there are plenty of ways to showcase a festive feast while still having the time to spend enjoying…

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Snap crackle and pop

There’s nothing like the satisfying salty crunch of pork crackling … and no kitchen-table sigh as sad as the family who are battling great crackling but dry tough meat or vice versa.   We love our roasts – and salty sour crackling is our icing on the cake!   Scoring the skin with a sharp…

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Three secrets to your Weber feast.

Sometimes firing up the Weber can seem like a barefoot walk across coals – hot, painful and with no end in sight. Will your lamb roast be charcoal or raw? Or will you sit down to a meal of infused lighter fluid seeping through every single mouthful??!!   So – how do you fire up…

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