Christmas 2018 – live a little!

THE lead up to Christmas Day often results in a frantic last minute dash to the supermarket and butcher and a hot day slaving in the kitchen.


If you are the host for the family celebration there are plenty of ways to showcase a festive feast while still having the time to spend enjoying this special day with family and friends.


Before the mad rush for stocking up begins – clean our your fridges and pantry. There’s nothing worse than guests bringing platters of cold treats to have them sweltering on a kitchen bench all because of the two-year-old jars of mayonnaise and sauces stacked in the refrigerator!


Secondly – when planning the meal consider the main event – which meat will be central to the meal? Are you leaning towards cold cut meats, roasts, seafoods or a combination. However it will work – think about how long the leftovers will last for – or whether you can stomach three weeks of leftover ham for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


If there’s plenty of action in the yard and lounge over the day that you don’t want to miss, precooking meats – or using cold cuts will be the key. Stick to no more than four salads and prepare in advance cheese and fruit platters.


Don’t feel obliged to be responsible for all food preparations – even on the day. Rally up the family members for their special desserts and treats and appreciate that Christmas Day with family and friends only happens once a year.


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