Snap crackle and pop

There’s nothing like the satisfying salty crunch of pork crackling … and no kitchen-table sigh as sad as the family who are battling great crackling but dry tough meat or vice versa.


We love our roasts – and salty sour crackling is our icing on the cake!


Scoring the skin with a sharp knife is the first step to success.


We then dry the skin with a paper towel over the top in the fridge overnight.


Before placing in a hot preheated oven rub salt and oil into the dried skin.


We also use lemon juice – squeezing it on before placing in the oven and then basting at intervals through the cooking process.


Start high, finish low – after 30 minutes at a searing temperature drop to around 160 degrees Celsius – or 140 if you have the time to spare.


Finally, we hope you’ve matched the roast with the traditional potatoes, greens and pumpkin. To take it up a notch include roast pear, capsicum and beetroot – all juicy and great offsets to the salty crackle.





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