Three secrets to your Weber feast.

Sometimes firing up the Weber can seem like a barefoot walk across coals – hot, painful and with no end in sight. Will your lamb roast be charcoal or raw? Or will you sit down to a meal of infused lighter fluid seeping through every single mouthful??!!


So – how do you fire up the backyard roasting icon to deliver a memorable meal?


There are plenty of tricks to shift you from novice into backyard chef.


  1. First and foremost – invest in a chimney starter.


The charcoal chimney starter optimises airflow through and draws heat up through the beads – ensuring they all reach a peak glow and begin to turn to ash. In 20 minutes you’ll have your beads all raring to go!



  1. Keep the lid down and the air vents open.


As long as your thermometer is showing a maintained cooking temperature there’s no reason to give in to temptation and keep lifting the lid. Conversely – if you close the vents you’re starving the fire of oxygen and slowing the burning rate of the coals.


  1. Avoid lighter fluid.


One word – yuk. Paraffin starter cubes can also be tricky – make sure they are fully burned before distributing the burning coals from the chimney starter into the Weber.



A Weber works for both summer and winter feasts and family meals – just adjust the time and the temperature and you’ll be off and running!


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